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Dear Tea Council of the USA Tea Producing Country Members:

We hope you enjoy our new website. As a service to our Tea Producing Country members we offer you the opportunity to communicate information about your country and about the uniqueness of your teas. We offer this as a no-cost service to you and as a value added benefit to our other members.
As an example, we ask you to submit photos, properly identified, as well as text describing the various regions and teas available from your country as well as descriptions of the unique characteristics generally found in those teas. Also information about merchandising materials available from your countries suitable for promoting those teas in store or on-line either free or for a fee. Please also include key contact information should any of our members have further questions about tea from your country.

While we will keep this key information permanently on our website, for as long as you remain a member, we will also update it to include special events or other time sensitive information that you want to communicate. We hope you take advantage of this new service as we believe it will be a low/no cost way for your to communicate with all members of the Tea Association of the USA and the Specialty Tea Institute (STI).

Tea Council of the USA Policy on Funding Gifts, Grants, Scholarships or Sponsorships

As a non-profit, 501(c)(6) organization, it is the Tea Council U.S.A.’s policy to not pay indirect costs.

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